Release the Nerds

So I've been on a bit of a Star Trek kick since last summer. The Next Generation started to air when I was eight, and it was one of the only non-PBS shows that my brother and I were allowed to watch. Last summer, WGN began airing the series late at night. I would record the episodes throughout the week, and watch then all at once come Friday night. Naturally, once I had seen all the episodes of TNG, I was hungry for more. I started up my Netflix account again, and plowed through all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. I am currently in season two of Enterprise and am thoroughly immersed in the world of all things Star Trek. For this post, I decided to include a piece of fan art that I think is pretty sweet. It's the five captains from each Star Trek series.

star trek - 5 by Selene-Moon

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